The states — Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin — had been seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages. And so the non-ruling essentially paves the way for an immediate expansion of gay and lesbian unions by ending delays on marriage in those states. It’s a huge day for equality in VA. Same-sex marriage is now legal. A truly historic day. Thanks to all who fought to make this happen. It was a pleasant surprise — the court’s rejection came on the day of their anniversary. In total, the court’s refusal will make same-sex marriage legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia. The court’s order immediately ends delays on marriage in the five states.

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Share this article Share The songstress wore her brunette locks loose and accessorised with a pair of strappy black heels and an assortment of thin gold necklaces. In-between songs, Ricki-Lee was seen speaking to the crowd about why she’s supporting the ‘Yes’ vote, but also made sure to keep things light and fun. With scattered showers failing to keep the mood down, she led the punters as they partied into the early evening.

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Parents we have to say no: In the ad, released on Monday, Paola Mitchell from Melbourne can clearly be seen signing. Ms Mitchell, who has helped deaf people at employment seminars and signed at major festivals, has called on the Coalition for Marriage, the chief group backing No, to remove the ad. But the campaign has refused to say whether it will.

The same-sex marriage campaign is coming to a head. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is managing the survey, recommends votes are in the mail by this Friday to ensure they are received by the absolute cut-off date of November 7. The crusading Coalition for Marriage mums are back. Supplied Like previous ads from the Coalition for Marriage, the second commercial features mums talking about their concerns that same-sex marriage could change what is taught in schools.

This is despite the federal Marriage Act having no direct effect on school curriculums which are set by states. The ad focuses on the Safe Schools anti-bullying initiative and features a speech given by Roz Ward, the controversial founder of the program. Ms Mitchell, who works as a chef, was signing at a marriage equality event that featured many speakers, but is pictured in the ad next to just one of them, Ms Ward. She was not identified by name but was clearly visible and she fears some in the deaf community may shun her following the appearance.

In a still from the ad, Paola Mitchell left , is interpreting at an event that feature Safe Schools founder Roz Wad right.

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Banking union The Single Supervisory Mechanism was decided as part of the eurozone shift towards a banking union at the summit of eurozone heads of state and government, in Brussels on 28—29 June In compliance with the decisions made then, the European Commission developed its proposal for a Council Regulation establishing the SSM in the summer of , and published it on 12 September The Vice-President of the European Commission , Olli Rehn , responded that the majority of European banks would still be monitored by national supervisory bodies, while the ECB “would assume ultimate responsibility over the supervision, in order to prevent banking crises from escalating”.

Equiniti is the UK’s leading provider of share registration services and associated investor schemes. We act as Registrar for over companies, including around 55% of the FTSE , managing some 24 million shareholder accounts.

South Australia bins the idea of a state-based bank levy Wedding costs are set to soar as country votes in favour of same-sex marriage Wages and consumer confidence data both disappointed, dragging the Aussie dollar down Sort posts by 4: Thanks for reading and for your comments. Special shout out to all our LGBTI readers who will soon surely be able to marry to the person they love! See you all again tomorrow morning from 9. Miners were especially hard hit after metals prices dropped sharply in the London session leading into Wednesday’s trade.

Gold miners were the exception, with Newcrest Mining adding 0. Crude oil futures were 1. Shares in the heavyweight banks eased as three in every five names in the top ended the day lower. Australia’s mortgage arrears fell to 1. Meat sales fell 26 per cent and cattle sales rose 9.

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Churches have a right to have a voice on same sex marriage. Max Fleet Same-sex marriage: Where’s the voice for No voters? Scott’s previous “opinions” clearly say he is a “Yes” voter, as are all current “Daily” editorial; ABC; and other media staff; wall-to-wall. No media I read; watch or listen to seem to believe that we “NO” voters have a right to say so, let alone combine forces to ensure our say. All church primary income is gifted by their supporters; part of which is invested in income-producing assets that satisfies their Biblical duty of being “good stewards”.

Much of it is for charities, including the homing and supporting of children that find themselves in need. These services are always stretched to their limit and beyond.

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He wants to give “Indigenous gay representation” to young people in Dubbo. Kathleen Calderwood Mr Ridgeway’s interest in drag took hold when he was living in Dubbo, a regional city km north-west of Sydney. He wants to set an example for young Aboriginal people who may be struggling with their sexuality.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is one of the scariest, most stressful situations a person can experience. Reeling from the distressing news and overcome with emotion, virtually all new cancer patients find it hard to know exactly what actions should be taken next.

The Wyoming magistrate The involvement of the state agency developed after a local reporter in Pinedale, upon the U. The point is that Neely is not allowed to solemnize marriages in her role as a municipal judge, and while she is allowed to as a magistrate, there is no requirement for that, there is no pay for it and there are a multitude of situations in which magistrates can cite personal objections and decline to do so.

Missouri States dismisses counselor Missouri State has dismissed a student, Andrew Cash, from a counseling program over his expression of concern over counseling same-sex duos, according to a new lawsuit. His suit claims that he is unable to be a counselor and suffers daily emotional grief and pain. He is also seeking MSU to reinstate him in his [program] with safeguards so that he can earn his degree.

The case immediately was taken to the 6th U. Circuit Court of Appeals. The ruling from David Bunning said Davis can believe what she chooses privately. Davis remains free to practice her Apostolic Christian beliefs. She may continue to attend church twice a week, participate in Bible study and ministry to female inmates at the Rowan County Jail.

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We use the acronym “SSM” throughout this section to represent “same-sex marriage” We use the acronym “LGBT” to refer to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons and transsexuals. The acronym “LGB” refers to lesbians, gays, and bisexuals. See also the previous essay describing events during JAN Background: Some commentators predicted that this decision would generate a tipping point that will lead to a more rapid decline in discrimination against sexual minorities in the U.

One remarkable confirmation of this prediction occurred almost two years later on the evening of election day, NOV , when the results from four state referendums on same-sex marriage SSM became clear: A constitutional amendment to restrict marriage to one woman and one man failed in Minnesota.

Related Items. Kiwis on SSM: ‘Australia, don’t do it!’ ‘Breasts meant she’s OK to rape’ It’s time we stopped subsidising sins of the church.

The first examples seem to have been carried by the Ancient Greeks from about B. The best written source for these tactical weapons is Vegetius’s treatise known as De Re Militari 1. Prehistory[ edit ] Some of the earliest evidence of advanced tool use includes remnants of an early type of dart, which can be considered the ancestor of arrows as well as bows see Operation. Reconstructions of this system have a range of over one hundred metres yards and can penetrate several centimetres of oak.

This technology was used worldwide from the Upper Palaeolithic late Solutrean, c. Construction[ edit ] The darts in question are much larger than arrows, but noticeably lighter than javelins. They have a weighted point, often of stone , on a removable foreshaft. This is held by friction onto a thin, flexible main shaft a few metres in length, with fletching and a usually socket-like nock at the opposite end. Since they are unlike anything in Western history, the term “dart” has been adopted after some debate.

Some alternate terms for this missile have included the spear , but this term has fallen out of favour since in all other uses, spears are stiff enough to be used for stabbing. In its function, an atlatl dart is more like a combination between a bow and an arrow. Operation[ edit ] Its similarity to a bow may not be immediately obvious, but in fact both serve to accumulate energy by elasticity in a fundamentally similar way.

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However, his parents waited until Quinton was older before getting him involved in singing lessons. Sat, 13 Jan Peking opera in universities “I’ve never been to a Peking Opera show, and I wondered what it would be like. Wed, 24 Jan CSMA managed programs and donations of instruments to schools until when the district took over, Vikjord said.

A stabbing rampage in Melbourne is being treated as a terrorism incident after Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack undertaken by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

She said ‘can I say yes, can I say yes? What’s special about the ring? The ring is yellow gold and the setting includes three stones — one large one in the middle with a small diamond on each side. Here it is in all its royal glory. Toby Melville The two smaller stones are from Princess Diana’s personal jewellery collection. The larger stone was sourced from Botswana, where the couple travelled on their first trip together.

When did the trip to Botswana happen? The couple were reported to be in Botswana together in August this year. They went camping for five days and said they spent the time going on long country walks and talking. The couple have been dating for about 18 months. They said they met through a mutual friend, who they want to remain anonymous, but who we know is a woman. When did they get engaged? The couple have actually been engaged for a few weeks.

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