Geography[ edit ] The District Of Murshidabad has an area of sq. It is divided into two nearly equal portions by the Bhagirathi, the ancient channel of the Ganges. The tract to the west, known as the Rarh , consists of hard clay and nodular limestone. The general level is high, but interspersed with marshes and seamed by hill torrents. The Bagri or eastern half belongs to alluvial plains of eastern Bengal. There are few permanent swamps; but the whole country is low-lying, and liable to annual inundation. In the north-west are a few small detached hillocks, said to be of basaltic formation. In the Mughal period it was the capital of Bengal. The town of Murshidabad is on the left bank of the Hooghly River or main channel of the Ganges.

History of West Bengal

Etymology[ edit ] There are conflicting accounts of how the name Medinipur came to be. One account claims that Medinipur was named after a local deity “Medinimata” literally “mother of the world”, a Shakti incarnation. It is said that on AD Medinikar named Medinipur. Partition of Midnapore A number of prehistoric sites of great interest[ by whom? In ancient times the region seems to be highly influenced by Jainism and Buddhism.

Coins issued by Samudragupta have been found in the near vicinity of the town.

CHAPTER 6 SEDIMENT ACCUMULATION RATE IN THE HOOGHLY ESTUARY AND THE SUNDARBANS MANGROVE INTRODUCTION In the past two centuries, sedimentation is the major process that has affected coastal environment. In mangroves and estuaries, tides, rainfall, and Haldia town. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 SC3.

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Ghats of Varanasi on the Ganga in India; The Cultural Landscape Reclaimed by Amita Sinha

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Despite controversial history in paediatric population, ECT has been found to be effective treatment in psychiatric disorders including Catatonia with fewer side effects. Mania or hypomania has been reported as one of the rare side effect of ECT in adult population and discussed well. We report a case of ECT induced mania in paediatric patient. A 14 yrs old right handed female child presented with sudden onset of catatonic symptoms of 1 month duration.

She developed manic episode after three cycles of ECT as a treatment module for Catatonia. She was treated successfully with combination of antipsychotics and mood stabiliser. Clinician should consider mania as a rare but possible side effect in paediatric population while treating catatonia. Lithium may be considered as one of the treatment option for such manic switch.

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History[ edit ] Fort at Baharampur, c. But the foundation of the city of Berhampore remains questionable. Many buildings from the late s can still be seen. The cantonment was constituted as a municipality in and was the headquarters of Murshidabad district. The Berhampore College was founded in and in made over to a local committee, mainly supported by Rani Swarnamayi.

Currency, and Block Chain Technology for Future Business Transformation –Dec 20, , Haldia – India Doctorate – From KEISIE International University, South Korea, Dec 20, Presidential Award, Lions Clubs International for Community/Social Service,

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“India: One of the biggest social events of India, Durga Puja (Durga is the name of the Mother Goddess and Puja means “worship”) is the most prominent festival in not only West Bengal but all over India, where the Mother Goddess is venerated in one form or the other.

History[ edit ] Fort at Berhampore, c. But the foundation of the city of Berhampore remains questionable. Many buildings from the late s can still be seen. The cantonment was constituted as a municipality in and was the headquarters of Murshidabad district. The Berhampore College was founded in and in made over to a local committee, mainly supported by Rani Swarnamayi.

On 25 February , the first major armed battle of the Sepoy Mutiny of took place in Barrack Square, Berhampore, [2] while Berhampore was ruled by Raja Krishnath and his ancestors. In , Berhampore had a population of 24, , and included the ancient town of Kasim Bazar. Police station[ edit ] Berhampore police station has jurisdiction over Berhampore municipal area and a part of Berhampore CD Block.


More details What is the fastest way to get from Ponda to Pune? More details Is there a direct bus between Ponda and Pune? No, there is no direct bus from Ponda to Pune. However, there are services departing from Banda and arriving at Pune via Goa. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 12 h 27 min.

In memory of Vincent J. Bellafiore () Vince was the Head of the Landscape Architecture Department from to at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

The four women who have been deployed in the combat role are posted at the coastal areas bordering Pakistan and Bangladesh, including Jakhau in Gujarat and Haldia in West Bengal. Four women deployed on ships patrolling maritime borders with Pakistan, making history in India Most countries employ women in various roles in their armed forces but only a handful, including Australia, Germany, Israel and the United States, have allowed them to take on fighting, or combat, roles.

The aim of training these women is that they should be capable of handling all missions under the Coast Guard charter including boarding suspicious vessels, chasing such boats in high seas or catching contraband smugglers there, they said. Asked about the deployment of women officers on these hovercrafts, Coast Guard director general Rajendra Singh said: While the Coast Guard celebrates four decades, as part of our commitment, we have appointed these lady officers in combat roles.

The training of these women was started by the Indian Coast Guard about a year ago at its base at Mandapam with four female officers – assistant commandants Anuradha Shukla, Sneha Kathyat, Shirin Chandran and Vasundhara Chouksey. The move has been hailed a major step towards empowering women and greater gender parity These women sail on these hovercraft on both the seaboards and their tribe is set to expand in future as their training progresses.

India had for many years kept women away from the frontline, citing concerns over their vulnerability if captured and their physical and mental ability to handle the stress of such deployments. The Navy, which is the biggest maritime force in the country, does not allow women to sail on board its ships. The female officers being deployed follows calls from PM Narendra Modi encouraging better gender equality in the military forces The Coast Guard started introducing women to combat roles after Prime Minister Narendra Modi – in an interaction with military commanders last year – urged them to give female officers combat roles and open more avenues for them in the services.

Following this, the Air Force started inducting women in combat aircraft flying but that initiative is an experiment and the ladies have not yet joined operational squadrons. When the Coast Guard informed defence minister Manohar Parrikar about the induction of female officers in operational roles, he urged the force to look for more avenues to strengthen women officers there.


These tolerances are with respect to nominal gauge of mm. The above tolerance are with respect to nominal gauge of mm. In case of rails resting directly on sleepers it should be ensured that there is no gap between the bottom of the rail and top of the sleeper. The adjacent sleepers should then be packed and the top checked.

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Though there is some controversy, scholars have generally agreed that present day Tamluk is the site of the ancient city variously known as Tamralipta or Tamralipti. The present town is located on the banks of the Rupnarayan River close to the Bay of Bengal. People and their socio-cultural background The region has its own distinct ethnic mix, stemming from successive migrations and invasions from both the west, east, and especially from northern India after the Aryan invasion of India.

Its history shows the complex combination of indigenous, Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Islamic cultures, often introduced through physical conquest and political control, as well as through trade, travel, and migration. Unlike other parts of Bengal, Tamluk was always well connected with the Gangetic plains. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the culture of Aryavarta influenced life in early Tamluk. The worship of Bheema is a sign of the socio-religious acceptance of Aryan culture in this area.

Transport Tamluk is well linked by road and rail. Tamluk is a major roadway junction with six bus-routes originating from it: Since Bengal was adjacent to Magadha, it is possible that the Buddha had visited parts of Bangladesh as suggested by Hiuen Tsang, who noted that Asoka had erected stupas at various places in Bengal and Orissa including the Port City Of Tamluk to commemorate these visits. Asoka’s Reign and the Post-Maurya Period epigraphic and other sources reveal that Buddhism had established a powerful footing in Bengal during Asoka’s reign.

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