They are known for having combined genres and different styles of hip hop throughout their career, which has seen the release of eleven studio albums since their debut in , as well as for their coverage of diverse lyrical themes. The group went on hiatus between — whilst two of the members served mandatory military service. They have received international acclaim, winning several music awards in Korea and becoming the second ever Korean act to play at Coachella. With the addition of Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, the group made their beginnings in the underground hip hop scene in Seoul, performing with other Korean hip hop groups such as CB Mass and as part of the “Movement Crew”, one of the largest hip hop crews of the time in South Korea. As the genre was unpopular among mainstream audiences, the group was relatively unknown early on in their career, with critics seeing little market for “lyrically complex music” that did not match the K-pop model of the time. Their first performance was to a small audience at the amusement park Everland in They released their debut album, Map of the Human Soul, under Woollim Entertainment in , and began to gain success with the release of their second album, High Society Epik High performing at Everland in Swan Songs was intended to be Epik High’s final album, following the poor performance of their previous two releases; however, it became a mainstream hit and made them one of the most popular hip hop groups in Korea.

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In , when packaged pop and redundant ballads dominated Korea’s music industry, Drunken Tiger debuted and challenged the system with their unique hip hop sound and realistic lyrics. Drunken Tiger’s straightforward approach made them one of the most controversial figures in Korea’s conservative media. However, without their willingness to challenge music and societal conventions, Korean hip-hop would not be where it is today.

To date Drunken Tiger remain as one of Korea’s most respected hip-hop figures. After the release of their second album, Tiger JK was convicted of narcotics possession, despite his claims of innocence. Due to lack of evidence, he is now back to making music with Drunken Tiger.

The following is a list of episodes of the Korean reality-variety television comedy series Infinite Challenge (무한도전; Muhan Dojeon).. The show’s regular .

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Drums, mournful echoes, and other sound effects are plunged into the end, fading out the track with a more symphonic rock vibe. The composition is so soundtrack-esque. It carries the feeling of a balladry, tormenting the souls of those who dare to listen. Tablo raps about loving someone so bad that it becomes suffocating.


S member Kim Kyung-rok, and even the camera director, stared infatuatedly into the screen showing Kara dancing in cheerleading uniforms. But this moment that our photographer failed to capture because he was embarrassed to even let the sound of his camera shutter interrupt the silence, may be the most memorable moment of the day. In such a way, the cast of “Mnet Radio” quite often revealed their vulnerability in the blind spots which are not revealed to viewers of the live radio show.

Just like there is no relationship between a real-time show and a real show, the actual raw state of “Mnet Radio” which captures even the smallest expression that its cast makes through live broadcast, takes place outside its camera’s frame. It is not caught on camera but the way in which the cast pulled themselves together and loosened up their mouths everytime the producer signals, “The CM is ending.

Kim Jin-pyo jokingly saying to Lee Suk-hoon, “You look like you’re on stage at church. CountDown” runs, was another moment the camera failed to capture. And of course, 10Asia’s camera too was unable to shoot such moments and the vulnerable faces of the celebrities not wearing make-up. But here, readers will be able to see some of the vivid expressions from the live show that were not revealed to its viewers.

Kara member Kang Ji-young’s face in particular, which was without make-up because of a sty in her eye, is really something that you can only see on 10Asia. Yes, we are bragging.


Riding the Hallyu Wave: I’m going to be honest as say, even as a Kpop fan myself, that Kpop is I do wish people weren’t so dead set on judging it me included but I do admit some things in Kpop is downright cringeworthy. Like ring ding dong and roll like a buffalo cringeworthy.

Epik High North American Tour, New York City. Background information; Birth name: Choi Jin (최진, 崔眞) Also known as: Sleeping M.

Epik High — Born Haters My midterms exams are over. So whats a girl to do? Lotte is one of the biggest companies in Korea. They have big named brands in their store, a bit pricey, but great quality. But you get the gist of what type of merchandise they have based on these brands alone. The department store is set up by dividing section by floors.

The basement is usually like a grocery store with important produce and meats. But back to important matters: The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages! And added my own little flare to it; The American duck face with the Korean rubber duck float. This picture might help: I got there early, around

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His announcement involves the entire band as their official activity is going to be on hold for a while. He is joining the Korean army, compulsory for Korean men, on 15th October. The other is that he has found his other half and they are to wed soon. The original message is as following: This is Epik High’s Tukutz.

History[ edit ] — As the genre was unpopular among mainstream audiences, the group was relatively unknown early on in their career, with critics seeing little market for “lyrically complex music” that did not match the K-pop model of the time. Epik High performing at Everland in Mainstream success with Swan Songs[ edit ] Swan Songs was intended to be Epik High’s final album, following the poor performance of their previous two releases; however, it became a mainstream hit and made them one of the most popular hip hop groups in Korea.

The album was reportedly censored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a result of its lyrical and thematic content. It went on to sell , copies during the year, making it the third best-selling album of in South Korea. Pieces, Part One and Lovescream[ edit ] Over 50, copies of their fifth studio album entitled Pieces, Part One were pre-ordered before its release in April The album’s release was followed by music videos for the singles “One”, “Breakdown”, and “Umbrella”. Map the Soul , on March 27 and distributed it exclusively on Epik High’s website.

Map the Soul is not the group’s official sixth album, but a special project. Music videos for the single “Map the Soul” were released on May 19, with worldwide and Korean versions.

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The trio, composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, burst onto the Korean music scene six years ago, armed with catchy hip-hop tunes with socially relevant lyrics and a positive message. After five studio albums and numerous hit songs and awards under their belt, Epik High members surprised everyone with their decision to break from a major record label and go independent. The band met with The Korea Times last week at a studio in Hongdae, where members were in the middle of rehearsals for their upcoming concert tour and candidly talked about the ups and downs of starting their own company.

Epik High recently launched its own bilingual Web site www. But if it helps us to feel satisfied to the point that we make better music then it is worth it. However, their lyrics have gotten them in trouble with censors, leading to some songs being banned from the airwaves.

But it was burden for me because [people and journalists] asked about my college. If I said yes [i graduated from Stanford], netizens told me I was being arrogant and I was always talking about my education. What I want to ask people is: I studied really hard. Why do you think these rumors became so prevalent over the past couple of days? His health has been bad for so long. So I sued the guy, but took care to keep a low profile with it.

But then one reporter wrote about it, and even people who were not even interested in me started thinking I was lying. As you know, every school in the United States has various systems.

Epik High – Runaway (Mithra’s Word)