Many collectors have written to us to praise our efforts and have invested in our collections. We engage in the research of antique chess sets from manufacturers such as Jaques of London to the British Company and more recently, Russian antique chess pieces have seen a resurgence. We are fast emerging as the number one chess company in the World and are considered specialists in our field. We liaise with renown artists and chess set collectors and absorb a wealth of informative knowledge which aids us in the deciding factor on what chess set to reproduce. Having close contacts to the chess collectors is such a major boost in our endeavour to maintain the very high standards in which our customers have become accustomed with. Below is an image depicting the very popular Cooke Chess Pieces.


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The set was a hand made gift to President Kennedy by one of his close friends and major supporters. The set is made of rare wood. The chess board itself is .

Email In an elaborate palace, more than 1, years ago, members of an elite Roman family may have played some of the earliest chess games in Europe. While excavating the bottom floor of an A. If their hunches are right, the find pushes back the time when it’s believed chess was brought to Europe by hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, although some chess scholars remain skeptical this is possible. The object plucked from the ruins two weeks ago predates most previously found evidence of the game, including texts about chess from the fifth to the seventh centuries in India.

It suggests that Europeans began playing chess at least years earlier than previous evidence has suggested. Mitchell proposes that the game originated in India around the third century B. But some chess scholars are surprised by the find and doubt that chess could have been introduced to Europe so early in history.

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This old cottage industry supplies its wares to almost all the chess retailers Worldwide. Our main suppliers are wonderfully talented and host the most amazing carvers. Our sets simply exude quality, the carving, precision turning and right down to the hand polishing, exceptional sets and competitively priced.

We also hand-pick the finest boards from around the world.

Those ivory pieces provided Montpelier’s curators with enough information to purchase an identical chess set dating from the same period. They unveiled it this week at Montpelier.

Still, it is an ancient game of challenge and competition that humans have enjoyed for centuries. The chess board remains consistent always, The simple, open world video game was launched in beta in Variants of the game exist in virtually every culture, many of them dating back as far as the 7th century.

Although many of the variants of the game have different Be it my sister and me playing Connect Four or Clue, my mother teaching me card games and Scrabble, or playing Risk or Life with my father, in many ways I bonded […] When I think of the many happy family memories that I have, a lot of them involved playing board games with my family. Be it my sister and me playing Connect Four or Clue, my mother teaching me card games and Scrabble, or playing Risk or Life with my father, in many To say that it was a mixed blessing for many fans is an understatement.

To say that it was a mixed blessing for many fans is an understatement Modern chess is actually a variant of the game that it was based on, a four-player game called Chaturanga that originated in India back in the year Modern chess is actually a variant of the game that it was based on, a four-player game called Chaturanga that


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There are pieces made from plastic, glass, marble, stone, and almost any other material you can think of. They come in all shapes and sizes, with an overwhelming amount of variety. With all these choices, how is anyone supposed to choose? There are a few things that you should consider when buying chess pieces that will help you narrow down your options a lot. They are as follows: Chess pieces are available in all different sizes, from tiny little travel sets to giant sets that stand as tall as a person!

There are several well-respected chess piece styles that are considered traditional. This is also the style used in competition. If you want to have a clear, intuitive set where all the pieces are recognizable to everyone, Staunton is the way to go. But if you want something more unique, you can find chess pieces that are not even loosely based off of the Staunton pieces, but instead around some other theme, such as surfing or dragons, or anything else under the sun. Plastic pieces are perfect for durability and portability, and they make an excellent starter chess game pieces for a kid who may treat them roughly.

Wood chess pieces are traditional and lend your board a sense of sophistication. Pieces made of marble, crystal, granite, or other such materials lend an air of luxury to your chess table. Pick a material that you like, and that will hold up well for how you intend to use it.

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Prison camp chess sets by Thomas Thomsen German chessmen Chessmen have been made in Germany from the 15th C onwards, with a major influence being the pieces made in the Selenus tradition. But the 19th C saw an explosion of chess pieces making, parallel to the strong expansion of the game all over Germany. Chessmen for competitions were made in droves by numerous manufacturies, esp. Turner’s folly Well made set , probably an occasional order in a turner’s shop with interesting bishops – somebody has tied string bands in opposing colour around the tops, probably a posterior customization!

Auld German Interesting set from the end of the 19th C , or a bit later, kings stand 85 mm, pieces are quite substantial and made in one piece.

History of St Demys Abbey saying Charlegmane gave them a chess set. Charles I is a chess addict, spending all his time at chess. Ecclesiastical lawyers declare chess as legal.

An online trading group for collectors of pre sportscards Who Are We? Vintage Card Traders VCT was founded on July 23, with a vision of uniting a group of people who were banded together by their love of collecting old baseball cards. The group was formed to promote trading of cards between members in a “safe and trusted” environment. Members are encouraged to trade wantlists and swap cards through the mail, much like we did in person when we were kids. VCT has come a long way since its inception and has grown into a fantastic group of collectors who are kind, generous, and easy to trade with.

VCT has since expanded to include collectors of vintage football, basketball and hockey cards as well! What’s It Take To Join? So, you want to join this rag-tag group of traders, do you? Before you get yourself “in with the wrong crowd”, you should ask yourself if you fulfill the first requirement for membership. If, however, you love collecting older baseball, football, basketball or hockey cards, then you’re in the right place!

Most VCT members collect low to mid grade stuff.

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Mastersoft Chess is available on both android and apple platforms. There are three versions. The free version is not limited in any way but is supported by adverts. This is very welcome from a user perspective. Strength The first thing to note even before downloading the app is that Mastersoft Chess promotes itself heavily on the basis that it uses a chess engine that came 4th in the World Micro Computer Chess competition.

On the face of it, this is great news.

Who Are We? Vintage Card Traders (VCT) was founded on July 23, with a vision of uniting a group of people who were banded together by their love of collecting old baseball cards.

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Twenty years on from Deep Blue vs Kasparov: how a chess match started the big data revolution

A high quality feature rich app which is both well designed and produced and also well supported. Casual players will be better served by other chess apps. The app is still technically in beta stage which may explain why it is free, unsupported by adverts and with no annoying in-app purchases. The developer is extremely generous in offering it to users for free. So the issue of strength of chess play is not strictly relevant as the app has no native inbuilt engine.

Rather it acts more as a chess gui.

new book: jaques and british chess company chess sets I have written a new book, published January , inspired by recent evidence on the dating of Jaques that became available because the archives of The Times came on line and many readers sent me photos of dated sets.

However, the term Tafl was most commonly used to refer to a game known as Hnefa-Tafl or “King’s Table” [6]. Hnefatafl was known in Scandinavia before A. The Saxons had their own variant, derived from a common Germanic Tafl game, which was apparently the only board game known to them prior to the introduction of Chess [7]. Usually wooden, they sometimes had holes drilled in the center of each playing square, the pieces being pegged -this made for easy storage or even for traveling boards.

Most boards had the starting positions of the pieces marked in two distinct patterns to facilitate setting up. In some cases, the board is drawn Go-style, the pieces standing at the intersections of the lines rather than at the centers of the squares. The board itself is sometimes mentioned as Tafl or Tann-Tafl [8] “tooth-table,” a Tafl-board inlaid with walrus ivory. A beautiful carved board with 13×13 squares was found at Gokstad in Norway.

This is a double sided board with a Nine Men’s Morris layout carved on the reverse side as with other less impressive examples.

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All Icon Sets Stock icons will help you enhance the look of your applications and Web sites – in an instant. Readily available, our icons can be purchased economically and used right away. Eliminate the guessing, ordering and waiting process typical for custom-made graphics!

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Spanier Spanier is a middle-aged management consultant who dreams of escaping the rat race and starting a new civilization. The rules can seem arbitrary to a beginner, but are actually the product of over years of tinkering and refining. The modern game—essentially unchanged now for about years—is perfectly designed to stretch the human mind to its outermost limits, but not beyond.

The board is just the right size, and the moves of the pieces have just the right amount of variety, to offer the tantalizing but never attainable possibility of mastering the game with enough time and study. Moreover, chess is a mirror of life, rich in metaphors for human experience. It is a pitched battle to the finish between opposing armies, yet completely non-violent, with no injuries ever reported from playing.

It is a testing ground where we can experiment and act out personal dramas with no consequences other than wiping the board clean and starting over. A blend of primitive instinct and sophisticated calculation, it lets a player directly engage the mind of another human being—learning from experience, memorizing common patterns, methodically building a position, setting traps, analyzing variations, and finally moving in for the kill. And it is a canvas whereupon great players create masterpieces, like famous paintings, that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Women are powerful, men are essential. The queen is the most powerful piece on the board, the king by contrast is plodding and slow.