By Bradley Iger October 27, While your typical grocery-getter can usually manage internal temperatures without additional cooling beyond a radiator and engine fan, vehicles that see extreme use — like those used in motorsport — need additional coolers that can help maintain the operating temps of the fluids running through not only the engine, but the transmission and differential as well. Our Factory Five Cobra Jet Challenge project build is shaping up to be a serious contender on the road course. Even though the Cobra is expected to weigh under 2, pounds with a driver , all of that power getting channeled through a pair of massive Toyo tires is going to generate quite a bit of heat out on the road course, and our intention is to build this car not only with performance and safety in mind, but reliability and durability as well. We used the same design to hook up the transmission as well. It depends on a number of factors. Derale’s dual channel cooler can support two separate systems with one compact design that can be mounted just about anywhere as long as there’s space for it. In transmissions, that means additional strain on internal parts — particularly the synchros in modern gearboxes. For differentials, getting the equation right is even more important.

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Transmission Flush, When and when not to flush transmission How a Transmission Flush Works A transmission flush procedure is generally performed using equipment that either runs off the transmission pump or has its own pump built into the machine. The machines are connected to the transmission cooler lines, and while the old fluid is pumped out the new fluid is delivered at the same quantity and time. Sometimes there is a cleaning solvent that is forced back into the transmission removing deposits of old transmission fluid from parts and components or the technician performing the fush may run a solvent through the vehicles transmission before performing the flush.

Jun 20,  · ’99 & up Upgrades and Aftermarket – L Engine Upgrading or adding OEM or aftermarket equipment to your Up Super Duty or Excursion with L Power Stroke diesel engine. Please confine discussion of topics in this forum to those .

Pottstown, PA A side note on oil thermostats. I’ve recently had cause to use one in a “non-conforming” usage as a coolant block. Aside from Permacool’s engineers or whomever really makes this – it’s marketed by many not knowing the effects of long term usage in a coolant environment assumed to be properly maintained the device doesn’t totally block flow.

Now I don’t know how quite how they determine a percentage of flow.. If you’ve ever looked at a Permacool sandwich adapter, you can see how the full flow of many most in fact engines passes through a very small port while creating only a 2 PSI differential pressure across it. For those of you not making the connection – I’m comparing a minimum port opening of the oil thermostat -to a sandwich’s relief valve in comparative “ease of flow” Essentially, this means that you’ll have variable flow across your cooler based on viscosity..

Any of you wiz-bang fluid dynamic equation types I’m surely not one can factor your tube diameter alone over the length of them..

Transmission cooler

I installed my trans cooler the other day, and didn’t remember seeing a write-up on it, so I made this. Hopefully this’ll help someone else with theirs. Installing a Trans Cooler Let’s start with the reason to bother with all this. Automatic transmissions change a fair amount of power into heat, especially if you’re pushing them hard. Heat degrades transmission fluid, and degraded transmission fluid kills clutch packs.

There’s a stock cooler in the radiator which is mostly adequate, but a larger transmission cooler reduces fluid temps further, which helps the trans live longer, which is nice, because these things are awfully hard to push.

The transmission cooler lines are located coming from the radiator on the bottom. One is for the sending and the other for return. The lines are high pressure, just as your ra diator hoses are.

How does transmission fluid get into radiator cooler? Nope, a dealer said my radiator was “gone”, and that transmission fluid may have mixed with the coolant, and they have to flush the tranny dollars worth of tranny fluid to ensure it is ok, add a new radiator, coolant, and a transmission filter, plus labor and you get worth of work-is this… accurate? Plus, a new radiator. So, I’m afraid it’s possible. But, they’re killing you with labor costs.

Just make sure that your car can handle a flush. In some cases, mostly in older vehicles, a true flush on the transmission can cause it to lock up, rendering it useless. I’m just taking a guess here, as I don’t know what your driving, so I can’t even guess how much a new radiator is for your car. It hooks up to the transfer case. Answer It hooks up to the transfer case. What Year is your Civic? If its a Its easy to locate the Cable. I Suggest you bring it to a pro.

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Transmission Cooler June 1st, , Air flow through the radiator depends on the size and type of fans but as Jeff says the center is usually the dead spot hwen the car isn’t moving and the fan s are running. My trans guy says the tranny really can’t be too cool unless you live somewhere where it hits zero and the car is outside as there isn’t the same kind of viscosity issues with modern trans fluids as there can be with much heavier engine oils. And, while and while a lquid to liquid is far more thermally efficient having the trans at the same temp as the engine coolant may not be ideal.

The LS1 is a high-powered, finely tuned engine that runs on the ragged edge percent of the time. Due to emission restrictions, the LS1 is forced to run warmer to run cleaner.

The customer had a transmission issue and had a used transmission installed. I verified the complaint on a test drive and found that this car had no 1st or 4th gear. With the scan tool hooked up, I looked for any set codes and none were found. My next step was to verify the transmission fluid level, which was correct.

My next test was to use the scan tool and try to command shift solenoid A, shift solenoid B, and the TCC solenoid while listening for an audible click. I could only hear the TCC solenoid operating. Seems like we have a power issue to pin E. I pulled off the connector at the transmission and inspected both halves of the connector for any corrosion or damage.

Then I tested for power on pin A and E. Both pins had power. With the transmission connector still unplugged, I used my test light from battery positive to both shift solenoid control terminals F and G while commanding both solenoids with my scan tool. My test light lit up when commanding each shift solenoid. I now know that my power side and ground side are working correctly and that the problem is internal.

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It is the first 5 speed automatic made by any manufacturer, and was commonly used in both 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles. It was extensively used throughout the different Ford brands, including Lincoln and Mercury. Because this transmission was widely used the changes of you running across a damaged one is pretty high.

May 06,  · I would hook up the end that expels the fluid to the send line and then end of the pump that sucks the fluid into a container of new clean fluid. i was going to pump fresh/ new transmission fluid through the transmission cooler until i see the dirty fluid is all out and clean fluid is coming out. if all i need to do is use compressed air.

First there is airflow into, through, and from the heat exchangers. Mounting an external cooler in front of an engine radiator obviously imposes a restriction to the free flow of air through the radiator. In any event, the expedient practice of attaching an external trans cooler directly to the radiator with zip-ties and no air gap is frowned upon if maximum engine and trans cooling efficiency is the ultimate goal. When it comes to cooling efficiency, the governing principle is that heat always wants to move from the hotter surface or fluid to the cooler surface or fluid.

The greater the temperature differential, the higher the heat transfer and the greater the cooling effect. The larger the surface area, the greater the cooling effect. However, liquid is a more efficient coolant than air. The internal trans cooler is transferring heat from one liquid medium to another trans fluid to engine coolant , so in that regard a built-in cooler is arguably more efficient than the external cooler which cools the fluid by exposing it to ambient air.

However, the external cooler can be much larger than the puny internal tank cooler tube, more than compensating for any textbook discrepancy in heat transfer efficiency.

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Guest I know this article is written for the non car guy but you seriously need to address the fact that not all CVT are the same. The ype you describe is but on variety. Note that the Prius models have a planetary type CVT which by all accounts are way more reliable if not fuel efficient than a band type CVT. It worked a lot better than what I expected in LA freeway driving and hill climbing in San Francisco.

Mar 22,  · So installed the cooler in the front bumper of sig truck and hooked 3/8 id lines to it. This V10 cooler has the threaded flared block (actually nipple V10 tranny cooler hook up help please!!

The ideal temperature for a transmission rests under degrees, and every 20 degree increase in fluid temperature can cut the lifespan of your transmission by up to half! So what factors contribute to an overheating transmission? An overworked radiator is common when either the engine or transmission has trouble cooling down.

If your transmission overheats often, you should consider adding a dedicated external automatic transmission cooler, or transmission oil cooler to some, to help your transmission work more efficiently. How Does a Transmission Cooler Work? A transmission cooler is a square shaped and thin component that is typically added to the front of the radiator or the air conditioning condenser.

These bad boys have one function: Coolers also help to cool the engine and power steering fluid. It does not affect any other component of your car as its only role is to cool the transmission fluid.

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Why that is, we have no idea. Engines are simple machines. They require air, ignition, and fuel.

Mar 29,  · Using a transmission jack (one which lifts straight up), would make the process much easier, since the transmission is difficult to hold onto, or balance and very heavy. A floor jack is a pain, as it must continually be rolled forward; then pushed and pulled to stay on point or in : 89K.

Ours came off fairly clean, but high-mileage trucks may require some extra scraping of the old gasket surface. Notice the clean surface ready for the new O-ring. Also remember to spread an even coat of transmission fluid on the Mag-Hytec pan O-ring to help it seal before you set it into place. Start to install the hardware back and forth on opposite sides and tighten according to specs. This nice magnetic plug will help trap worn gear material, promoting fluid integrity.

Since a lot of us are both show and go, we liked the nice looks of the A T6 aluminum that was powdercoated black, but the gearhead in us appreciated the machined cooling fins.

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Automatic transmissions generally use the cooling efficiency of the radiator to cool the circulating fluid or oil. These fluid driven transmissions tend to operate in the temperature range between F— F. On the backside of the transmission case towards the tailshaft you will find a pair of fittings with steel lines attached. These are the transmission cooler lines.

Camaro Transmission And Driveline And Camaro Transmission Cooling Lines.

Adding An External Transmission Cooler No guarantees are made on the results, and anything you do yourself is at your own risk. Transmission Maintenance Guide ] In retrospect, this was about the easiest job I’ve ever done on a car. Id do this over changing the oil!!!! You dont really need any special tools, as it mainly depends on how you decide to do it. I didnt need more than a pair of plyers, 10mm wrench thats automatic for working on the Q , and some other assorted things.

Youll want to have ramps or stands as you need to get under the car a little. The cooler comes with a very comprehensive installation kit, including plenty of various hoses, brackets, bolts, screws and other goodies like that Youll notice I didnt take too many pictures, and the main reason is the position of these things makes it very hard to get at stuff, and its all self obvious when you get in there Now, the first thing you need to do is really get in there and start slashing hoses.

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